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Pentalog Institute is an international team of 21 consultants passionate about the IT world. They are working daily with more than 1 000 development engineers distributed across 5 continents.

What is our expertise ?

Ultra-innovative projects on: drones, genotypes, MOOC, smartphones of tomorrow, e-health, robotics, m-commerce, energy Big Data, connected objects.

In what fields ?

banking, finance, e-commerce, industry, telecom, energy, defense, logistics


IT Financial Reporting Consultant
In charge of implementing ERP systems for international groups

Project Manager, Functional Consultant
CRM Project Consultant, Project Manager, Functional Consultant

Software Project Consultant
Software development team management. Continuous improvement consulting. Digital transformation consulting.

B2C e-commerce project manager
B2C e-commerce project manager. Mobile applications. Front End and Back End development.

Engineer, STIC PhD
Embedded information systems. Telecoms. R&D funding and innovation. BI. Business Process Monitoring.

R&D funding and innovation
Innovation management. R&D funding. Development project. Fiscal facilities.

IT Mobility Project Consultant
IT Engineer, Software Engineering Specialist,
Management of iOS and Android mobile application development teams

IT Project Consultant
Process digitisation consulting. Reduction of IT costs. e-Commerce cloud strategy.

Director of Pentalog Institute
Company continuous improvement. Agile methods. IT Knowledge Management.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Digital strategy. Growth. Innovation. Web marketing. E-commerce. Digital transformation consulting.

Agile Product Ownership Consultant
Mobile applications. Proof of Concept. e-Commerce. Knowledge management. Start-up. Scrum.

IT Project Consultant, Germany
Reduction of IT costs. Software development. Continuous improvement. Process digitisation.

IT Mobility Project Consultant
Mobile application development team management. iOS. Android. Windows 8.

Cloud Computing Senior Consultant
ISD. e-Commerce. Service digitisation. SMAC: Social. Mobile. Analytics. Cloud.

Research Engineer
Scientific consultant. Database. BI. IS architecture. Innovation management.

IT Industry Project Consultant
Machine to Machine (M2M) embedded development. Prototyping. Embedded electronics.

Java Technical Expert – Architect
Java development. IT project architecture. Information system. Software factory.

Web Marketing Strategy Consultant
Sales and HR digitisation. Search Engine Marketing. Inbound Marketing. Growth.

Agile Coach
Company transition towards agility. Trainer on the Agile, Scrum, Kanban methods. Quality

e-Commerce Project Consultant
Web strategy consultant. E-commerce. M-commerce. Web analytics. SEO. SEA. Social Networks.

PHP Technical Expert – Architect
PHP web development. e-commerce site administration. Online recruitment. Quality.

Cloud and Outsourcing Expert
Network infrastructure. Information System. Cloud migration. E-commerce. Technology due diligence.

Health IT Project Consultant
IT Engineer, Information System, Project Design, Startup specialist

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