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"We are currently working with a hundred business applications."

The Information System Departments of the extending groups like HMY are faced with different operational challenges: ensuring IS maintenance during acquisitions and continuously reinventing the different Information Systems areas indispensable to the company’s sound operation. Not to mention the strategic challenges: allocating enough resources to new IT projects with a view to supporting growth.

The HMY Group is an international leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for commercial retail spaces. The group’s purpose is to improve the shopping experience for hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount retailers, GSS…

What are the challenges of the Information System ?

The HMY Group’s Information System now counts one hundred business applications. A Pentalog Institute consultant and a Pentalog technical team (made up of developers and a project director) carried out the Information System mapping mission at the request of the Information System Department.

Challenges :

  • Allowing the Information System Department to regain control of its applications
  • Documenting the functional and technical dependencies among components
  • Providing a functional view over the Information System

Is Information System mapping what you need? Wait no more!


Information System Architecture Audit

The two-day audit performed by a Pentalog Institute consultant allowed us to put forward the objectives and methodology of the IS mapping mission, meet the interested parties and understand their internal organisation: the HMY’s CIO, Infrastructure Managers, Development Director and Application Developers.

The Information System architecture audit report included the IS inventory, an analysis of the existing situation, a new organisation proposition and a detailed methodology for Information System mapping.

Information System mapping

A Pentalog Institute Business Intelligence expert, together with a Pentalog developer, worked at the HMY premises for 2 weeks, then remotely. Launching the Information System mapping works at the client’s site improved both access to resources and the communication with the concerned collaborators.

Pentalog Institute designed and developed an Information System automatic analysis tool based on an SQL parsing JAVA library. This tool enabled the analysis of the SQL queries executed on the production databases and an overview of the links between applications and data.

The IS mapping update and data storage process was duly documented and automated.

Success key factors

Thanks to Pentalog Institute, the Information System Department of the HMY Group now can easily answer to some operational questions, such as “What applications will be affected if I modify the [X] field in the database?

The Information System Department also benefits from an IS global analysis tool with accurate data on application or data redundancy, unused data, etc.

The Pentalog Institute consultant, i.e. the project manager assigned to this mission, regularly assisted the Pentalog team in their IS mapping activity to ensure methodology compliance and guarantee quality of deliverables.

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