Cost Reduction


Our mission: expense reduction consulting related to project management, IS strategy, process modeling, industrialisation of build and runIT steering, methods and governance
Reduce costs by work units for development and maintenance, your TJM, the total cost of the licenses and the cost of the workstation.
Support change of work methods (Lean, Agile) to drastically reduce development costs and increase project ROI.

Improve the understanding of business specific needs and steering indicators to reduce non-quality costs in your IT project.

Assist the client in receiving fiscal facilities in order to reduce innovation costs.

Architecture and urbanization

Integrate a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) to reduce the implementation costs of the new business regulations in the information system.
Map the information system and isolate the offshoring batches to industrialise IT development.
Redesign the architecture to increase the sustainability of legacy applications.

Development and maintenance

Create a software factory to reduce the pre-production, validation and testing costs.
Implement a service centre to share steering and support related costs.
Implement IT project management tools to generate continuous improvement of IT development productivity.

Infrastructure and cloud

Automate certain infrastructure monitoring features to reduce costs related to security, instantiation and invoicing.
Implement a service-oriented infrastructure to increase the ROI of your infrastructure.
Implement an IaaS to ensure elasticity of infrastructure capacities at variable costs.
Implement a service cloud ensuring continuous delivery to cut asynchronous collaboration-related costs.

Optimisation of business processes

Integrate Business Process Management tools to boost your productivity.
Implement a data strategy to reduce information collection, analysis and communication costs.
Implement a company social network to improve collaborative processes.
Lead your organization processes towards new digital tools.

Let us help you address today’s challenges with the most appropriate approach: strategic cost reduction!

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