Digital Research and Development

Our Pentalog Institute engineers and researchers have a long and rich experience in ensuring application R&D, software design, software proof of concept missions.

What are the IT research topics approached by our consultants ?

  • BPM
  • software test automation
  • systems and networks
  • data products
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • M2M

Business Process Monitoring – Business Process Management

A company’s flexibility is an asset meant to seize new market opportunities. Adaptation of the IT infrastructure and corporate processes to a company’s environment is an essential aspect, especially in the case of company mergers or restructuration. However, instead of allowing and accompanying process change, IS may prevent or slow down the implementation of such evolutions.
Our researchers use R&D together with Business Process Monitoring to align business strategies with IT evolutions :

    • an early warning strategy for business process follow-up
    • a methodological framework meant to align business processes
    • an original Social Business Process Monitoring approach


Software test automation

A software publisher resorted to a Pentalog Institute researcher for exploratory software testing by integrating data mining and machine learning techniques.
In response to the request of this software publisher, we proposed a new MBET (model-based exploratory testing) software automation framework.

Application R&D – SOC (Security Operations Center) security in SaaS

Pentalog Institute creates Proof of Concept (prototype of a software solution). Here’s an example of research done before SOC design in SaaS mode. Our application research works are threefold :

      • a new architecture of Security Operations Center log management
      • a maturity model for SOC
      • a new architecture of a SOC system based on the D-S evidence theory

Digital research and development and digital testing have never been easier!

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