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Is a leadership position what your company really needs? Or maybe it’s all about sustainable growth? Is your business combining innovation and disruptive technologies? Is digitization playing a major role in the continuous improvement of your processes?

So many questions and yet a very simple answer: Pentalog Institute!

Yes, what you are seeking for is a highly qualified IT Consulting department. Why lose precious time when we are here to solve all your digital needs today ? At Pentalog Institute, what we strongly rely on is a global and pragmatic approach and a team of IT consultants in direct contact with the R&D and operational needs of your IT projects.

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Pentalog Institute, the department of Pentalog IT Consulting, recommends. With a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to the challenges of the digital age. And IT consulting team in direct contact with the R & D and operational challenges of IT projects.


Large IT projects – a Pentalog Institute trademark

Size and shape are of no importance to us. Whether we are referring to :

  • Multinationals, digital startups, B2B and B2C e-commerce sites or
  • Cloud, mobility, Big Data, M2M development, drones, mobile applications, embedded development the Pentalog Institute consultants put all their expertise to your service.

The Pentalog Institute offers cover all digitization aspects :

  • strategic, technological, financial and managerial challenges
  • strategic partnerships to web marketing
  • from legal and contractual consulting applied to IT to innovation funding
  • from the creation of a Proof of Concept to information systems urbanisation.

Technology and Agility

What is leadership or a lead product in 2015 if not a balanced mix of technology and agility?

This is exactly what Pentalog Institute has in store for you!. Besides speeding up the dynamics of your robust growth, our consultants will also assist you with the training of your IT teams
The Pentalog Institute offers are the key to all your digital needs!

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