Large-Scale Agile Transition Change management according to the LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework

Practicing Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is organising into self-managing and synchronised teams, prioritising requirements in large IT projects, controlling the continuous integration cycle, predicting releases, measuring risks, identifying uncertainties and obstacles, while continuously improving.

How to make your transition to large-scale agility ?

How to increase the agility level of an organisation’s process ?

How to switch from a waterfall, V-cycle process to an Agile development method ?

How to proceed when there are so many agile frameworks, several possible paths and various engineering practices influencing the IT development businesses ?

Agile wall Pentalog Institute Photo Cornel Fatulescu

Agile wall Pentalog Institute Photo Cornel Fatulescu

That is why Pentalog Institute is here. Our change management towards large-scale agility (Large Scale Scrum) offer is based on successful software engineering techniques that help you achieve success with a rapid ROI.

Our Pentalog consultants and Scrum Master provide :

  • Agile transition processes (patterns)
  • scrum, kanban trainings
  • Agile coaching and mentoring

adapted to each organisation context.

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Agile Transition – Why Pentalog Institute ?

Pentalog Institute is a team of IT consultants specialised in :

  • reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • reducing IS operating costs
  • improving organisation efficiency and effectiveness
  • generating IT leverage effects
  • accelerating growth based on innovative digital strategies
  • training on cutting-edge technologies and agile development methods
  • supporting the technical teams (agile coaching, mentoring) to develop the best lean and agile development practices
  • alignment of agile development process with best practices


Success story: LeSS agile transition for an international IT group

For an international IT group (500 to 800 engineers), switching to large scale agility takes around 12 weeks, with the help of a team of 3 Pentalog Institute consultants with complementary expertise :

  • agile, scrum, kanban, lean
  • coaching, product ownership
  • extreme programming
  • code refactoring

Pentalog Institute builds an agile transition roadmap and ensures progress visibility.

The Pentalog Institute consultants participate as both agile coaches and mentors.

These are also milestones to increase the feedback and measure the efficiency of new software engineering practices.

Examples of agile transition patterns

With large-scale agility, the whole organisation culture will be subject to change. We must think lean, while offering the development teams more freedom and responsibility.

Pentalog Institute offers several scenarios of change management :

  • implementation of technical engineering practices: continuous integration, pair programming
  • short iterations at regular frequency with release production (operating software)
  • adoption of agile practices: user story, backlog, product owner, involved client
  • launching of a pilot project
  • communication on agility transition process by announcing objectives and needs
  • gradual generalisation of agile development methods for the teams and projects
  • application of an agile development method to an IT project in crisis


Advantages of Large-Scale agility

The advantages of LeSS are manifold.

The definition of agile roles, rules, events and methods enables us to keep the final result in perspective.

Moreover, thanks to the LeSS approach, there is no use to build a specific team for transition within the company. All improvement actions and all changes are triggered by the software development process.

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