Proof of Concept – POC

digitization process

Pentalog Institute has the necessary infrastructure for prototyping and designing the Proof of Concept for innovative products in many high tech fields such as :

  • Telecoms: 2G/4G/WiMax stack
  • Machine to Machine
  • Audio and Voice peripherals
  • Wireless communication protocols: Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, custom RD
  • drones
  • embedded development
  • application development for mobile terminals

From concept to prototype, Pentalog Institute brings your ideas to life

Pentalog Institute covers 100% of the digital transformation scope, from the initial idea to the prototype.

Hardware design

  • hardware prototype design
  • choice of components
  • power and consumption verification

Software bring-up

  • selection of the appropriate operating system
  • development of pilot projects
  • configuration of peripherals

Management application

  • mobile application development, for instance, to steer your product
  • back-office development
  • website development enabling data operation
  • SaaS application

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