Strategic Consulting

The strategic consulting missions conducted by Pentalog Institute are aimed at improving the companies’ performance and leadership thanks to digitization, cloud, Big Data or mobility.

Not to mention that they are perfectly tailored to the client’s business and needs!
The Pentalog Institute consultants are always at your service with complementary solutions in order to give you a 360° vision on digitization based on technical, application, human, methodological and organisational resources.

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Strategic consulting on B2B or B2C client acquisition

The Pentalog Institute consultants’ number one priority is client acquisition at the lowest costs possible. But how can we achieve this? Inbound marketing, SEO, SEA, SMO are just a few of the weapons that help us improve offer visibility and company reputation.

Building a cross-platform web ecosystem based on a publishing strategy and adapted ergonomics (responsive design, mobile site, e-commerce, m-commerce) will allow you to faster turn a prospect into a (happy) client.

The Pentalog Institute digital strategy experts are the perfect solution to your digital communication needs. They are always available to help you reduce client acquisition costs and optimise your sale and distribution channels.

Strategic consulting on building customer loyalty

It is widely known that all companies dream of is to strengthen customer loyalty. At Pentalog Institute, you will find all the means you need to achieve this by :

  • a cross-channel transparent communication on the company’s offers
  • taking into account the client’s expectations at service or application design
  • accelerating the delivery of new applications
  • organising and animating employer brand related events
  • creating mobile applications or connected objects to interact with the end client in the right place at the right time.

Strategic consulting on application distribution

Distributing an innovative mobile application, in perfect line with the clients’ expectations can strongly help your company stand out from the competition.

Pentalog Institute gathers Business Analysts, Functional Consultants, experts in software factory creation, Cloud or e-commerce consultants, who can easily provide you with adapted solutions: SaaS for the existing applications, transfer of a CapEx model to an OpEx model, automation of the online sales process and application installation, mobile application design, proof of concept creation.


e-Commerce strategic consulting

What about e-commerce? No need to worry as the Pentalog Institute strategic consulting services also cover various business aspects of an e-trader’s business :

  • Client acquisition strategic consulting : this is the field of the Pentalog Institute consultants specialised in web marketing, SEO, ergonomics and web design.
  • Consulting on e-commerce site design : our consultants know how to guide you in terms of technology, choice of an Open Source solution, suited payment solutions.
  • Infrastructure consulting : Our Cloud experts can advise you on e-commerce hosting solutions and assist the implementation of data flow optimisation solutions on the network.

Strategic consulting on innovation funding

France is a fiscal paradise for innovation and R&D. The Pentalog Institute consultants specialised in these fields are always eager to assist foreign companies willing to create a French subsidiary and benefit from these facilities.

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