Digital Transformation Audit

According to our clients’ needs, the Pentalog Institute consultants conduct different types of audits:

  • technical audit
  • resource audit
  • organisational audit
  • application audit
  • SEO audit
  • technology due diligence missions.

information systems

Information System technical audit

The technical audit of your company’s information system helps you identify the actions to be implemented in the short and medium term to solve all governance, organisation or resource issues.

Pentalog Institute believes that the information system is one of the company’s strategic assets. By definition, IS stands for a set of means: infrastructure, software, people. It is also a technological and human organisation, necessary for operation, maintenance and design of information management within the company.

The IS technical audit methodology consists of 3 steps :
1) issue analysis and determination of the audit scope,
2) identification of key persons,
3) interviews conducted by the Pentalog Institute consultant with the company’s information system actors: IS architect, users, director.

If necessary, the Pentalog Institute consultant(s) can work per iteration, with intermediate summaries and new interviews to verify the validity of the initial issues.

The IS technical auditor’s profile
The consultants in charge of IS technical audits are consulting engineers, specialised in the company’s IS architecture and organisation.

The synthetic summary of interviews enables you to identify the company’s business processes and the IS functional architecture, history and evolution and, finally, application mapping.

The Pentalog Institute auditor commits to align the IS users’ point of view with the IS designers and company management point of view.

The technical audit conclusions enable the client to identify the IS forces and threats weighing on IS sustainability, as well as the underlying causes of the current situation.

If the clients desires, Pentalog Institute can also conduct consulting missions to elaborate tailored made solutions.

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