Digital transformation

"One cannot imagine an infrastructure without knowing how tools are going to use it."

Aymeric Libeau
Pentalog Institute Consultant

The digital transformation of an information system implies high-performance and sustainable technology choices with a global coherence between ERP and infrastructure.

VVF Villages, association founded in 1959, is the leader operator in the French tourism and family, social and solidarity hotel sector. VVF Villages counts as much as 100 holiday resorts and 2400 employees in summer time.

Information system audit

VVF Villages needed our expert opinion to validate the technology choices of the IT service provider responsible for redesigning the information system and for developing the new booking management ERP.

How to validate technology choices for outsourced development ?
A Pentalog Institute consultant audited the following issues related to the development of a new ERP for VVF Villages :

  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Service provision organisation
  • Identifying user needs

Need to audit an IT service provider ?
Information system audit


Infrastructure audit

For the digital transformation of its ERP, VVF Villages’ questions were mainly related to infrastructure: the servers, the VPN connections among the production units, the datacentre-related risks, on-site hosting or hosting at the premises of an external service provider.

The infrastructure audit provided answers to all the questions below:.

  • Should application be hosted internally or externally ?
  • Should the VPN connections among the headquarters and the other production units be preserved ?
  • Is there a less expensive alternative to VPN connections ?
  • How should the ERP be changed to remove the VPN connections ?
  • How to improve server rooms ?

Infrastructure audit
Cost optimisation


Overall approach to digital transformation

The Pentalog Institute consultants met the IT manager, as well as the functional product owner, scrum master and users on VVF’s site.

During the information system audit and infrastructure audit, exchanges focused on the following topics :

  • the Directorate-General’s strategy and expectations
  • the IT Department’s strategy
  • data management
  • servers and services
  • architecture and security
  • performance
  • deployment methods…

The instant feedback, followed by audit reports, highlighted the strong points, weak points, improvements, non-conformities as compared to best practices.

Key success factors

Following the Pentalog Institute audits, VVF Villages’ infrastructure and ERP are now convergent.

Pentalog Institute strong points

  • the infrastructure, software architecture and development organisation audit
  • understanding of the client’s needs in terms of digital transformation
  • the offer of full stack services with an overall approach to digitization

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