As highlighted by McKinsey Quarterly, digitization is now rewriting the rules of competition, most companies running the risk of being left behind.

At Pentalog Institute, the Pentalog Group’s consulting department, our consultants offer you more than simple digitization advice. In fact, our mission is consulting in digital supremacy based on a global vision on digitization and its strategic, technical, financial, organisational and management challenges.

Pentalog Institute expertise: digitization as an answer to the growth-profitability dilemma

Let us help you compete against marketplace peers by:

Our vision on digitization

Technological challenges, economic opportunities
Companies often start their digitization project by focusing on the client and optimizing the sales path. This first step must nevertheless take into account the need to redefine the company’s value proposition and establish the correct method for approaching the e-commerce, mobility, cloud, and Big Data

digitization is for everyone and everything
New high growth competitors are the proof in this respect. These digital companies are able to launch innovative products and services at a faster pace. They innovate more often, fail more often, succeed more often. Companies as we knew them before will cease to exist in the new digital context.
A global digital transformation aimed at digital supremacy
The Pentalog Institute consultants will assist you throughout your entire digital transformation process.


At Pentalog Institute, we think digital

  • digitization is rewriting codes and changing habits. It forces companies to adapt faster to change.
  • Building a digital culture serves for protecting and developing the digital territory
  • In order to succeed, companies must turn their digital territory into a place that creates links.
    Digital supremacy relies on process digitization (supply chain, production, sales, recruitment, etc.), which allows us to provide a cost-effective, sustainable and self-preserved growth.

Achieving digital supremacy means

  • massively communicating and dreaming: disseminating corporate culture and values
  • colonising the digital space: inbound marketing, web marketing strategy, content management
  • colonising the attention span: via a mobile application or the multiplatform community management
  • colonising the markets and managing your digital distribution network

* Source: Digital transformation within French companies. June 2014.
Pierre Audouin Consultants.

Why resort to Pentalog Institute?

The Pentalog Institute consultants will support your company throughout its entire global digital transformation process

  • from idea to R&D
  • from financial consulting to POC development
  • from Proof of Concept (POC) to the end client
  • from agility consulting to the recruitment of technical teams

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