Data treasure – Big Data

Digital economy depends on clicks. Synchronising and analysing heterogeneous information (Big Data) about objects, persons and brands allows the most agile companies to innovate by inventing new value propositions based on the new usages of digital technologies, as well as reduce client acquisition costs.

Digital Business Intelligence is the main asset of Big Data

Due to digitisation and the reduction of storage costs, the mass of heterogeneous data (Big Data) on a product or service offer, a brand, a company or a person becomes increasingly bigger and more complex: articles, videos, comments, web traffic, sales figure, profile and activity of web-influencers, interactions among persons, objects and connected entities.

The detection of significant connections, the management of real time exponential data, detailed data analysis and in-depth understanding, the prediction ability are part of the new digital Business Intelligence skills that any company should acquire in order to ensure its digital supremacy.

A pivotal period in global economy

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning of the digital era, as Churchill would say. We are living a pivotal period in economic history, marked by violent change, a disruptive technology, and with huge leverage effects unseen before, proper to the new industrial revolution. Digitisation is capable of assimilating whole economy sectors. Let us face it: this new form of economic battle is real and extremely violent.

And we are all concerned by it, irrespective of our jobs and at all company levels. Virtualization of services, sales channels, payment methods, media, direct connection among persons, building of emotional relations stronger than ever among the company, its clients, partners, and employees are as many opportunities to be immediately seized.

Adapt or disappear

For companies seeking end-to-end digitisation, the benefit of Data Treasure is obvious in terms of growth acceleration: understanding and anticipating one clients’ individual needs means turning the use of one’s products and services into a more meaningful, valuable and delightful experience. After all, not your data, but the information obtained out of this data is what really matters.

In the context of this digital war, we think that there are only two possible options. Either your company arms itself, or it will soon disappear. In order to avoid this outcome, you have to continuously innovate, join strategic partnerships, adapt more quickly by trial and error, build your own digital offer by collaborating with your clients.
Then why not building a genuine meaningful, useful, and emotional offer ?

Why resort to Pentalog Institute ?

At Pentalog Institute, we build sustainable consulting partnerships with our clients and we recommend them a global coherent multi-platform policy.
We rely on the success of dozens of large companies and digital startups with which we have built digital strategy action plans and for which we steer Data Treasure operational solutions but also for :

  • process digitisation,
  • research & innovation funding,
  • recruitment and coaching of technical teams.

Our consulting services

From digital Business Intelligence to information marketing resulted from Big Data, Pentalog Institute will help you build your own Data Treasure to attain digital supremacy.
Below are the questions you should ask yourself about any digital transformation Data Treasure :

  • Is your Information System obsolete ?
  • Are your Business Intelligence solutions not tailored to Big Data ?
  • Do you want to develop connected objects and mobile solutions ?
  • Are you searching for an experienced R&D team to innovate based on data collection, synchronisation and visualisation ?

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