Digital Transformation

Process digitisation is based on the growing importance of new digital technologies, the democratization of SaaS application solutions, Open Source, cloud, as well as the development of mobile terminals and connected objects… with undeniable benefits :

  • reduced client acquisition costs
  • improved user experience
  • a mass customization of services and products
  • reduced delays for recruitment and the supply chain
  • outsourcing of certain corporate functions (R&D, management, HR, sales, etc.)
  • optimized purchases, production and maintenance
  • accelerated growth

Companies that do not seize today’s technological opportunities run the risk of being quickly outpaced by the new competitors whosedigital transformation processes are more efficient.

Digitisation is the key to performance … but at what costs?

Paradoxically, the first companies to embrace massive computerisation are those that suffer the most in order to keep pace with digitisation.

  • Heterogeneous Information Systems end up by dividing themselves into hermetic silos which annuls their initial vocation and increases the IT maintenance cost.
  • Those in charge of the old backend systems are faced with code obsolescence (legacy code).
  • We witness an explosion of data Volume, Variety and Velocity (the 3 Vs of Big Data).

Big groups are sanctioned by their technological and management heritage as compared to new actors such as digital startups, which have already embedded digitisation in their processes.

The omnipresent digital context redesigns the company’s organizational chart.
Responsibilities evolve. The HRD, Commercial Manager, Marketing Manager and IS Manager must learn how to work closely in order to ensure a coherent multi-channel policy.

Why resort to Pentalog Institute ?

In order to promote digital action instead of managerial reaction, the company’s digital transformation process must be accompanied by appropriation of space (communication supports, social networks, applications, etc.) and time (real-time analyses and alerts, synchronisation, anticipation, etc.). Old temporal references are obsolete and the loss of time is exponential.

At Pentalog Institute, our digital transformation strategy experts contribute to the success of dozens of large companies and digital startups. We offer advice and assist companies and organisations in relation to :

  • process digitisation
  • Big Data strategy
  • IS architecture
  • prototype and Proof of concept development (algorithms, software, connected objects, telecommunications)
  • software application development
  • cloud solutions
  • fiscal facilities and research & innovation consulting
  • technical and functional audits, technology due diligence audits
  • recruitment, coaching and training of technical teams

Our consulting services

Are you seeking to reduce costs or accelerate growth? Do you want to boost your commercial productivity or simply digitise your offer and reduce sales costs? Then Pentalog Institute is the perfect solution to help you with the design of an end-to-end digital transformation strategy perfectly adapted to your business needs.

Let us digitise your client processes and develop a continuous engagement cycle by :

  • creating gateways between the physical and digital world (such as web-to-store)
  • customizing the client relationship, thanks to behavioural data and a Big Data solution
  • designing connected objects (such as predictive maintenance)
  • allowing your clients to interact with you for example, during the product development process
  • innovating based on the design of digital, mobile, cloud, embedded systems services…

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