HR Digital Transformation

Digitisation entails a managerial revolution and tensions on the IT profile recruitment market and in web marketing. Are your Human Resources, troops and administrative staff ready to meet the challenge of a company’s digital transformation process?

Accelerate skills adaptation

  • Disruptive technologies are new technologies that will satisfy future needs.
  • To seize these opportunities, innovative companies must be capable to accelerate the adaptation of their skills. It’s exactly our business proposition.

Pentalog Institute assists companies that want to become more intelligent and win the innovation race in no time :

  • reverse mentoring and implementation of bottom-up knowledge sharing tools and programs
  • training and recruitment of technical teams
  • training on Agile methodologies
  • consulting in innovation crowdsourcing
  • consulting in building strategic partnerships
  • outsourcing consulting
  • implementation of Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions

Pentalog Institute accompanies innovative digital companies that are surfing the waves of crowdsourcing. Our consultants will help you build a collaborative project that gathers your collaborators, users and partners that participate in service or product prototyping.
Pentalog Institute performs audits prior to joining strategic partnerships in order to gain and share know-how, clients or opportunities. To go one step beyond, in case your company does not own the human resources necessary for accomplishing an IT project, our consultants can anticipate your R&D outsourcing needs while complying with intellectual property rights.

Digital communication and managerial revolution

The web is a space of digital liberty that places the individual at the centre of their community. Each person can short-circuit corporate communication and normal hierarchical methods for better or worse.

  • Emotion, the more the idea reinforces digital popularity and conditions success, since it is a pledge of authenticity.
  • Emergence of new spokespersons on the company’s social, internal and external networks, speaking from the heart, should be encouraged in order to reduce client acquisition costs.

The manager of the human resources digital transformation era should overcome many challenges :

  • adapt their own skills to new technologies
  • communicate differently and favour collaborative culture
  • accept to learn from the Y generation (reverse mentoring)
  • facilitate risk taking, agility, initiative
  • encourage error: try more often, fail more often, adjust more often

Recruitment of IT profiles

Until 2020, 90% of jobs will require digital skills. According to Neelie Kroes, former vice-president of the European Commission and commissioner for the digital agenda, we are not yet ready for the digital context to come.
Despite the fact that there are almost 20 million developers in the world, it is impossible to meet all expectations related to digitisation :

  • the Cloud is already generating 14 million additional jobs.
  • Mobility alone relies on 2.3 million specialists in mobile solution development, but their number should be twice as much. Almost half of software developers are already working on mobile application design to make up for this gap.
  • Big Data booms demand with 4.4 million new jobs.
  • e-commerce jobs will register a significant growth: 70% of merchant sites are recruiting.

(sources : IDC, Evans Data, Vision Mobile, Gartner, Fevad)

Companies are already fighting over recruiting the best talents for their digital army thanks to web marketing targeted at candidates, branding, serious gaming and different events. They will be forced to accelerate digital training or outsource in absence of readily available experienced resources.

Why resort to Pentalog Institute?

    Pentalog Institute owns a unique know-how in terms of digitisation :

  • consulting in Agile methodology
  • project management
  • prototyping and innovation funding aids
  • evaluation and training of technical teams

Our IT consultants and experts in digital strategy intervene on a daily basis on the projects of large companies and digital startups, software publishers, mid- and big-caps.

Our consulting services

A shortage of human resources prevents you from rapidly bringing your digital transformation strategy to life ?
We are here to offer you advice and assist you with all your outsourcing projects (R&D outsourcing, IT outsourcing, cloud, etc.).

Is your technical team at its best ?

We can help you rapidly build a highly-qualified project team :

  • assessment of the candidates’ technical skills
  • assessment of a technical team’s skills before an IT project kick-off
  • methodology consulting
  • training

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