Innovation and Research

Products and services that embody new digital transformation and innovation usages, either in the public domain or B2B are the result of a permanent open innovation and of a flexible, agile and digital coopetition (cooperation/competition) ecosystem among economic actors – companies – universities – clients.

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Under competition pressure, organisations become offensive. In order to overcome the challenge of product and service innovation even faster, they should :

  • identify opportunities (such as disruptive technologies)
  • use their data treasure and take charge of digital information
  • obtain fiscal facilities and finance prototyping and POC (proof of concept) design
  • transform their organisation and digitise their processes
  • embed information marketing in their offer and their multi-channel communication
  • create new opportunities by rethinking their digital distribution circuit
Collaborative research, open innovation and service design set the scene for the technical evolutions of the digital era, improved client commitment and client satisfaction and growth acceleration.


Agility and digitisation – the keys to innovation

The most innovative large companies and digital startups work in a collaborative mode: open innovation, crowdsourcing with clients and partners, IT and human resources sharing, cloud computing, outsourced R&D.

They end up cutting costs and accelerating growth based on a high-performance IT architecture. They embed digitisation in their methods and tools: agility, mobility, cloud, social dimension, Business Intelligence. Digitisation is the fastest path towards globalisation. What could be more efficient than a global digital collaborative client service ensured by passionate experts and clients themselves before and after sales ?

R&D and innovation funding

Never before have we lived in a context so favourable to quick innovation, based on a mix of factors: emergence of low-cost technologies, participative coopetition, the need to stay one step ahead and reinforced building of the company’s digital culture.

Furthermore, innovative companies fight for finding their R&D fiscal facilities: their own funds, public funding (subventions), risk capital.

In their turn, innovative investment funds such as Pentalabbs offer startups new investment models as media for equity, technology for equity or even digital marketing for equity.

Why resort to Pentalog Institute ?

Pentalog Institute’s research & innovation consulting offer relies on the technical, financial and fiscal expertise of consultants passionate about fundamental or experimental research in the field of digital technologies and corporate strategy.

We will offer you advice and help you obtain the fiscal facilities necessary for implementing your ideas, processes and methods (for example, technological due diligence within the framework of your merger-acquisition operations).

Our consulting services

Request an eligibility estimation and we will help you obtain the fiscal facilities you need!

Do you have a digitisation project? Pentalog Institute brings your ideas to life! Our consultants will help you with your functional analysis, POC design, application design, mobile or embedded development.

We also perform technology due diligence audits before any company, e-commerce site or technical team acquisition to assess the advantages and value of your technological acquisitions.

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