Strategic Partnerships

Digitisation and its related disruptive technologies force large companies and startups to accelerate their innovation/obsolescence cycle. Les Strategic partnerships allow companies to faster adapt to the digital environment and accelerate growth, provided that they radically transform usages and think in efficiency and global digitisationterms.

Strategic partnerships bring more clients and more profitability within shorter time spans

Digital is a world of links. Extending one’s digital territory involves creating implicit or explicit strategic partnerships with one’s clients, providers, partners, and requires greater permeability between what is internal and what is external to a company.
Strategic partnerships are competition factors that accelerate growth.

  • Are you a digital startup? Establish a partnership with a traditional actor that has an important client pool but lacks modern offers.
  • Do you want to refresh your offers and services? Identify the software and web actors that operate at the margin of your offers.
  • Do you want to boost sales? Identify a high-performance commercial network.

Strategic partnerships accelerate digital transformation

Digitisation has changed the balance of power between the company, either B2C or B2B, and its clients. Strategic partnerships facilitate company adaptation according to the clients’ needs :

  • increased reactivity
  • increased ergonomics and ease
  • increased transparency
  • increased flexibility
  • more choices

Digital revolution has already hit the B2C distribution via the e-commerce and m-commerce. On B2B markets, business relationships among producers, distributors and final clients are also affected by digital technologies and few companies can escape this phenomenon.

Companies that anticipate the impacts of digital revolution and establish strategic partnerships will leave their competitors far behind. Digital companies have a higher growth rate of 15%* compared to those that have not yet adopted a digital strategy. Moreover, digital companies are more present at international level and create twice as many jobs.
Source: BCG international research on the impact of digitisation on companies

Strategic partnerships accelerate innovation

How can you accelerate innovation ?

  • remove corporate borders : open innovation, crowdsourcing, outsourcing
  • search for additional technological offers
  • search for new margin sources to improve your company’s commercial efficiency and thus be able to finance R&D
  • acquire and share knowledge with compatible actors

Why resort to Pentalog Institute ?

For obtaining a sustainable digital transformation and partners, Pentalog Institute offers companies advice on how to :

  • redefine their value proposition
  • establish new strategic partnerships
  • accelerate innovation
  • make use of behavioural evolutions
  • integrate digital technologies : cloud, mobility, Big Data, social media

Do you want to accelerate the growth of your company and create synergies based on strategic partnerships ?

We advise you to assess and optimise your forces in view of future partnerships. Either we talk about purchasing or transferring a company, an e-commerce site or an application, we perform due diligence audit missions meant to estimate the real value of your intangible assets, digital processes and software.

Our digital strategy consultants rely on the success of dozens of large companies and startups that have chosen the Pentalog Group for their digital transformation and partners.

Pentalog Institute can also help you :

  • implement Data Treasure operational solutions
  • digitise your processes
  • obtain fiscal facilities
  • recruit and train technical teams

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