Technology Due Diligence

"The Internet is our opportunity to get even closer to our clients."
[Jean-François Boucher, Chairman and CEO of Mr. Bricolage]

Mr. Bricolage is the third leading distributor of bricolage, decoration and gardening products in France. With more than 905 stores, 12 000 employees and a sales figure of 2.3 billion euros in 2012, our client is also the number one group of independent traders in terms of sales figure and number of stores.

When Jean-François Boucher, Chairman and CEO of Mr. Bricolage, decided to massively deploy web-to-store in 2012, the stake of strengthening employer brand proximity to clients was high.
Le Jardin de Catherine, a company selling online gardening equipment, became the subsidiary of Mr. Bricolage in July 2012, with its e-commerce site being launched in December 2012.

Purchase of a genuine e-commerce player

In order to sell its products online, the Mr. Bricolage brand wanted to purchase a genuine player. With a sales figure of 17M euros in 2011, Le Jardin de Catherine had the online selling know-how and successfully managed the e-commerce logistics aspects.

Mr. Bricolage resorted to Pentalog Institute to conduct a technology due diligence audit prior to company purchase.

The technical audit of the e-commerce site had to meet essential needs that were conditioning the operation :

  • Is the site easy to duplicate so as to design it under the Mr. Bricolage brand name ?
  • Is the site capable to absorb a double or triple load ?
  • How is the database managed and what impact will the connection to an external database have on the current site ?
  • How to connect the site to Mr. Bricolage’s internal IS as effectively and Agile as possible ?

Technical audit of the e-commerce site

The Pentalog Institute consultants conducted the technical audit of the e-commerce site according to 4 axes :

  • infrastructure
  • site architecture
  • features and data
  • web marketing/SEO

The audit of the e-commerce site infrastructure allowed performance measurements in terms of accessibility and availability.

The audit of the e-commerce site architecture offered some answers related to the scalability, integrability and operability possibilities.

The audit of features and data verified the compliance with development best practices, quality, upgrade capabilities in terms of size and functionality.

The audit of web marketing and SEO focused on the quality of natural indexing, the positioning of the site on major search engines, compliance with the SEO best practices, analysis of traffic and conversion statistics, as well as of competition.

Success key points

The success of the technology due diligence project relied on the contribution of the following factors :

  • the multidisciplinarity of the Pentalog Institute team
  • the Pentalog Institute team’s high-level technical and functional skills
  • the good coordination between the Pentalog Institute team and other audit firms responsible for the accounting part of this operation

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