Technical Architecture and Security Audit of a Web Portal

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Audit of a web portal for water, gas and energy consumption forecasts

The application audited by the Pentalog Institute consultants is a web portal to which consumers log in to make (water, gas, energy) consumption forecasts, read consumptions or even make exchanges with the client service.

The technical audit of this portal site focused on the following :

  • site architecture
  • application security
  • transactional takeover
  • code quality

Technical recommendations following the audit

The Pentalog Institute consultants tackled each aspect of the technical audit together with the development team’s manager. They proposed different optimisation solutions to the portal site, offered consulting on the implementation priorities, presented technical tools meant to improve code quality and explained how they worked.

The Pentalog Institute’s recommendations included, among other things :

  • Application security focused on the authorisation of certain components and servlets
  • Transactional takeover and especially concurrent updates, with JPA/Hibernate optimistic locking
  • Persistence of HTTP sessions
  • Coupling of software components

Success key points

The success of the technical audit relies mainly on the high expertise level of the Pentalog Institute consultants on project technical environment: JBoss Seam, JPA / Hibernate, JSF, ExtJS, Quartz, Oracle Database Server, Apache Tomcat, Java.

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