Who Are We?

Pentalog Institute is a major actor on the digital consulting and development market. Our mission is to assist companies with the transformation of their Information System by managing the technological, methodological and human complexities.
Pentalog Institute is your number one partner in the following 5 digital consulting fields :

  • company digitisation
  • growth acceleration
  • reduction of IT costs
  • technology due diligence
  • consulting on fiscal facilities

Pentalog Institute will help you digitise your company at all levels and adapt to this digital era thanks to the web processing of supply chains (recruitment, customer experience, cloud computing).
Making digital transformation accessible to SMEs and startups that managed to conduct successful fundraisings, as well as to large companies, is actually simple for Pentalog Institute thanks to its set of methodologies and development means required to control the costs in the medium and long term.


Pentalog Institute meets all your IS growth acceleration needs :

  • IS analysis: IS architecture, software architecture, database architecture, governance consulting, Big Data
  • consulting on IS organisation, security project management methodology
  • cloud computing
  • digital strategy consulting

Pentalog Institute offers a global expertise on cost reduction (reduction of IT project costs or software development costs, reduction of customer acquisition and loyalty costs), thanks to the Pentalog Group’s legacy of more than 20 years of expertise in this field.

Pentalog Institute conducts technology due diligence missions. For example, 4 of our Pentalog Institute consultants designed a B2C e-commerce site, developed its infrastructure, database, SEO, before being taken over by one of our clients.

The Pentalog Institute digital transformation consultants have a scientific and methodological expertise more than suited to provide you with consulting on all the fiscal facilities you can benefit from.

Our approach that combines project management, functional and technical consulting, software development and infrastructure virtualisation enables us to meet all your IT needs in terms of innovation, speed and cost reduction. Our promise consists of a delivery model ensuring first of all end-to-end management, alignment with the best practices, project scalability, synchronisation of collaborative processes, as well as industrialisation of build and run.
Pentalog Institute digital transformation is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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